Prevention, Treatment, Performance

I am interested in all sports especially football having played and refereed the game. I have a holistic approach to physiotherapy, with an interest in how breathing and sport psychology can affect clients well being.

I am passionate about sports physiotherapy and meeting new clients. I have completed the Level 1 BradCliff Breathing Course, all the Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy New Zealand Level 1 courses and I am continuing onto the Level 2 papers, along with the FIFA Sports Medicine Online Diploma and some online pilates papers.

Therapist Qualifications

  BHSc (Physio)

  Level 1 Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy New Zealand Certificate

  Current First Aid Certificate

  Level 1 BradCliff Breathing Course


 Member of Sport and Exercise Physio New Zealand (PNZ)

 Member of Pelvic Womens and Mens Health (PNZ)

I have worked with:

  • the New Zealand Crosswhites Football Team
  • the New Zealand Women’s Ice Hockey Team (The NZ Ice Fernz) and toured with them for the last four years to the World Championships,
  • the touring Hong Kong Youth (U21) Netball Team,
  • a range of football teams (WSAFC, Team wellington, Auckland Utd National Youth League team, Eastern Suburbs).