Prevention, Treatment, Performance

From acute injury to return to play programmes

Back To Your Feet Physiotherapy therapists are all members of Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy New Zealand, and are highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries.  We are based in a sports club with access to field facilities so we can progress the rehabilitation of your injury from day one as well as conducting on-field rehabilitation and testing to clear you to safely return to your sport.

Sport physiotherapy services

Including but not limited to:

   Acute (recent) injuries

  Overuse injuries and stress fractures

   Growth and load related pains

  Muscle tears, tendon, and ligament sprains

  Knee, ankle, and foot injuries

   Groin pain, pubic related groin pain, adductor strains

  Shoulder injuries, elbow injuries, hand and wrist pain

   Neck, upper and lower back pain

   ACL injuries

   Rotator cuff injuries and shoulder bursitis

  Low back pain