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Appointment charges

You do not need a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy, and we can lodge the claim to ACC or your insurance company for you at your initial consultation. We do have a surcharge (co-payment) for each ACC consultation as ACC does not cover the full cost of the treatment.

We offer face-to-face or video consultations for clients in New Zealand. Please indicate which you would prefer when you book your appointment.


Type Price
ACC Consultation $25
ACC Discounted $15
ACC Sponsored team $0 No Surcharge
Private Consultation $65
Private Discounted Initial and Follow Up $55
Private Sponsored Initial $55
Private Sponsored Follow Up $45
Book appointment If you do have investigation results or a referral from another health care provider, please email to If ACC does not accept your claim you will be liable for the cost of the treatment at private rates. We offer discounted rates for Community Card holders and family members of WSAFC members.

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New Zealand delivery will be charged to the client at the standard delivery charge of NZD$8.00 + GST.

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Balance And Strength Exercise Training Mondays and Fridays at 6.30am at Seddon Fields!

BASE Training is a group fitness class that is designed by BTYF Physio to reduce the risk of getting injured and improve your performance while playing football. It is suitable for ages 10-60 and incorporates the FIFA11+ warm up, then a circuit of Balance And Strength Exercise (BASE) stations with intermittent cardio fitness between stations. Get fit, reduce your risk of injury and have fun! BASE Training runs from October to the end of February at 6.30am for an hour at Seddon Fields.


Additional information

We are a small, fee-for-service clinic, meaning we collect payment at the time of consultation (cash, contactless payments, eftpos or direct payment).  We also are a Southern Cross EasyCare Provider. We can provide receipts on request

Cancellation policy

If you do not show for your appointment often it means that someone elso could have received a treament in that time slot.  We are a busy clinic and reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee ($25) for clients that either do not show for their appointment or cancel within 2 hours of the appointment.