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First Aid kits for football

Looking after athletes on the sideline is a challenge, and at lower levels of competition when funding is limited, is often provided by sports medics or trained First Aiders. I recommend you find a local physio that can help provide services for your team, and who you can contact if you have an injury on the field. If you are unable to source a professional then doing a Sideline Sports Medic First Aid course or a First Aid and CPR course will help give you the confidence to make good decisions when someone does get injured. Making sure you plan for all the eventualities and source a good ‘kit’ so you have what you need when an injury happens.

Sideline Kit

I think a good basic kit should contain:

  • CPR mask and resuscitation card x 1
  • Survival blanket x 1
  • Scissors stainless x 1
  • Gloves x multiple
  • Management of blood products
    Plasters Assorted water proof x 25 / gauze swab 7.5cm x 7.5cm / Sterile island dressings 7.2cm x 5 cm / Steristrips / non adherent wound pads 5cm x 7.5cm / swimming cap for head wounds / sealable bag to dispose of items with blood on
  • Wound cleansing wipes x2
  • Saline solution x 3
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Strapping materials
    38mm Rigid tape / 25mm rigid tape /50mm EAB / 75mm EAB
  • Compression bandages
    Coban 75mm / coban 50mm /tubigrip
  • Blister management materials
    Second skin / blister plasters assorted sizes
  • Vaseline / sports lube
  • Massage Lotion / massage wax / warm up rub
  • Cold spray / magic water
  • Sunscreen
  • Triangular bandage / Sling
  • Instant ice packs
  • ?Players medications / panadol
  • Sport specific tools
    Laces / studs / stud tightener / spare shinpads
  • Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool
  • Business cards for BTYF Physio

It takes a while to get a good kit together, and once you have created a good kit you need to remember to replace items you use.  Every team or athletes requirements are often slightly different so make a kit that suits your team perfectly and encourage athletes to take responsibility to bring the things they may need.