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The Holmich protocol for long standing adductor related groin pain

If you have had a long-standing groin injury, then the 10-week Holmich Protocol has been proven to be effective as a treatment. It was first described in 1999 by Per Holmich in The Lancet (Hölmich et al., 1999) but is still one of the most validated programmes for footballers who have chronic adductor-related groin pain. There are two phases to the protocol, and they include exercises to build strength in the hip adductors, abdominals, glute's and lower back.

Recently the programme was validated by (Yousefzadeh, Shadmehr, Olyaei, Naseri, & Khazaeipour, 2018) who found that the Holmich programme may be an effective treatment for long-standing adductor-related groin pain (LSAGP). However, they suggested more emphasis should be paid to the hip adductor muscles' eccentric strength and have modified the programme to make it more effective. One of the exercises they included in their programme is the Copenhagen adductor exercise. The Copenhagen adductor exercise can reduce the risk of getting adductor injuries and should be done regularly to maximise the effect. Our Premier Football teams use the Copenhagen adductor exercise as well as the FIFA 11+ warm-up exercises to help reduce the risk of injury during the season.

Groin pain does not just affect footballers. If you have had an adductor injury, or have groin pain that is restricting your ability to play football or achieve your calls then we would love to hear from you. Make an appointment and we can hep prescribe the best way to help you return to your sport.

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